Bridal Makeup Tips for Outdoor Weddings

Sweet spring breezes and steamy summer nights it’s outdoor wedding season! Outdoor weddings are absolutely gorgeous but they do present their own set of challenges.

Bright sunshine is totally unforgiving making professional makeup a must for your outdoor wedding.  The suns bright shining rays reveal every fine detail making the perfect foundation essential.  When working with Makeup In The 702 you don’t have to choose between traditional foundation and airbrushing based on cost.  We don’t charge extra for airbrushing so you can work with your artist to determine what type of foundation is best for you based on your needs not dollars.

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Understanding what makeup is best for your outdoor wedding is just part of the considerations you’ll need to make.  You’ll also need to consider the most flattering light for your wedding photos.  The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor weddings is lighting.  For indoor scenarios your wedding photographer often deals with low-light situations and other restrictions.  You’ll want to plan carefully with your wedding photographer to ensure that your photos are planned around  your surroundings and be wary of that mid day hour when the sun is directly over head.   You certainly don’t want your bridal party in sunglasses or squinting in your wedding photos.  Not to mention the extra work that will have to be done in editing to correct shadows cast by the harsh rays.  TIP:  A white tent is ideal for outdoor wedding photos as it diffuses the harsh rays

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Location, location, location is another critical consideration for your outdoor wedding hair and makeup.  If you’re planning an outdoor destination wedding in a climate that is not native to your hair and skin you’ll need to think ahead. 

For example if your hair that tends to frizz in the humidity and are planning your dream getaway at beach or tropical location you’ll probably want to consider a bridal hairstyle that offers plenty of control.  In a location like Las Vegas the winds can kick up with no notice.  Tip: Makeup In The 702 guarantees your hair will hold in the desert wind (up to 40mph)! 

If you plan to arrive a day or two early to take in the sights and spend some time outdoors be sure to be use sunscreen!  You won’t want dry scorched sun burned skin in your wedding photos.  And drink plenty of water to stay hydrated!  For more bridal makeup tips for your destination wedding check out Bridal Makeup for The Destination Bride

Don’t forget your bridal party!  For outdoor weddings we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that your bridal party also have their makeup done by a professional artist.  While it’s okay for your brides maids to have mis-matched dresses you won’t want a mis-matched look for your wedding photos. 

“In person, on camera and in editing group photos look zebra striped if a few people have pro makeup and a few people don’t. I can’t correct that, I can’t even pose to that format. Don’t skimp on the makeup. Figure out hair if you have to, but don’t compromise the makeup” Chelsea Nicole, Photographer  Chelsea Nicole Photography

Chelsea Nicole Photography
Chelsea Nicole Photography

Want more tips from pro-photographers for your wedding photos? We’ve got the inside scoop for you here! Las Vegas Wedding Photographers Share 4 Makeup To Do’s for Your Wedding Photos.

No matter the weather, indoors or out a professional artist can help guide you in the decision making process to ensure you and your bridal party are camera ready on your big day.  If your wedding happens to be in Las Vegas we’d love to be a part of your day.  

Makeup In The 702 provides on location hair and makeup services in the greater Las Vegas area.  To check our availability for your wedding day, schedule a trial or request your custom proposal, CLICK HERE.  You deserve the very best on your most beautiful day.

The Makeup In The 702 Guarantee! 15 hours of water and transfer resistant makeup and 40 mph windproof wedding hair!

Featured Image: Kristen Marie Photography

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