When should I book my hair and makeup artist?

Happy Planning to all of you, it’s Megan your ambassador of service and master makeup artist at Makeup in the 702. This week I’ll answer the question “When should I book my hair and makeup artist”. Well the truth is, you can’t put the cart before the horse. There is a certain order of planning and booking a couple must do. First, you’ll need to know the exact date and time of your ceremony. Without this pertinent information, we don’t know when to have your hair and makeup ready by OR if we are available during the time frame you need us. You’ll also want to consider any pre-ceremony activities, such as reveal or first look photos, tea ceremonies, license signing or any other tradition you may be following.

Once you have your time and date set and you know your ready by time, you’ll want to ask whom in your party will want hair and makeup. Again, it’s vital that your hair and makeup team have the best understanding of your timing of the day so that you not rushed, stressed and pressed the hours leading up to your ceremony. Once you know ready to start researching and booking hair and makeup.

Now let’s take a moment to take about hair stylists and makeup artists and weddings….

Not all makeup artists understand the specific needs of a wedding day and not all stylists know how or want to style wedding day hair. A wedding makeup artist will carry a kit of super long lasting and tear prof products and understand the longevity that wedding day makeup needs. Some salon hair stylists simply cut and color and want nothing to do with styling much less how to make a style hold for 15+ hours. 

Brides Magazine is Quoted as saying…. According to Smith & Cult Beauty Ambassador Elena Miglino, research is key when deciding on a makeup artist for your big day. “Bridal makeup artists book up months, sometimes a year in advance,” she said. “When choosing your artist, you want to make sure she is a bridal makeup artist, meaning she does weddings and understands the severity of the day. Make sure she has a contract and is 100 percent professional.” So, if you have your date, ready by time and know how many ladies are requesting hair and makeup, start your research and decide. The most talented artists book first. You don’t want to be left with the sub-par artist and stylist for your wedding day because you waited too long to start your research.

I’ve been in the wedding business for over a decade in Las Vegas and seen such a major shift in the hair and makeup talent in Las Vegas. By shift I mean poor standards, professionalism, sanitation practices and making good on commitments. So called “Instagram Artists” are a dime a dozen. They may have 20K followers and 100 likes per post, but what’s the photo of- themselves??? Where the bride? Where the wedding party??? Do they really have a license and insurance? All professional standards that a bride may not realize are important until it’s too late. So please, do your due-diligence, research google, reviews and see just exactly what your hiring before you give a deposit. O and like most things, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. No deposit means no show on your wedding day. And no contract means it never happened and no show on your wedding day. If the pricing seems much lower than the standard in your city, then, that’s the service you will receive, lower than standard. You see all things are relative in the beauty business. $1.99 foundation doesn’t give you the same result as $59.00 foundation….

So, there you have it. When you should book hair and makeup and how to do your research that will ultimately lead you to a handful of companies in Las Vegas that set the only standard you should even think about. Won’t you join me next week when I give help hints on how and when to book a trial and how to prepare for the trial date. Until then, I’m here to help you look like you, just on your most beautiful day. Reach out so we can chat about your needs. Cheers! Megan

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