2018 Wedding Hair Trends

Happy Beauty Planning Day! Megan your resident makeup artist for Makeup in the 702 giving you inspiration and what’s on trend for 2018 Wedding Hair. Long gone are the days of elaborate updos or even wearing a veil. Today’s bride is fun and funky, and her hair should reflect that same image. Today I will show real life examples of what’s being ask for by our brides in current time. 

Let’s first chat about hair color. Fantasy colors in highlight or full head continue to be very in right now. We are seeing more than just pink, but a rainbow of colors. If this is something you do- go for it on your wedding day so you can reflect your whimsical personality even on your wedding day. What we know is Platinum blonde and cool-blonde will be ‘in’ and instead of the warm hair colors we are currently wearing, the best wedding hairstyles for 2018 will have ash-blonde and ash-brown highlights! So, keep this in mind when planning your last cut and color before your wedding day.

Photo courtesy of Jason Skinner Photo Las Vegas weddings

I’m excited to tell you that the side swept low bun is one of the most elegant styles a bride can choose.  This is a lovely way to show off a pretty face beneath and it’s equally suitable for formal or informal weddings as it is a very ‘tasteful’ classic look. If you’re planning to have a simple, well-tailored wedding dress – it’s a beautiful way to complete your look.

Photo courtesy of Amberlight Collective on location at Pauite Golf Course

So very excited to tell you that braids are in and it seems of every 100 hair styles we do, at least 90 of them have a braid worked in some how. The main trend of 2018 is natural bridal look. It’s time to give up high and hairstyles in favor of soft curls and romantic braids. Wedding Forward is quoted as saying “With so many different themes to choose from, it may get difficult zeroing in on the hairstyle that will work best for your walk down the aisle. To start your decision-making journey, think braids! With thousands of options to choose from and becoming more and more popular each year, braided wedding hair is a great option to start with. Braided hair works wonders with almost any theme like boho, classic, rustic, and so much more.

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Nicole

Fresh floral and Real topiaries are still in trend and so fashion forward. These show stopping looks will never go out of style. In the new wedding season, the traditional veil is replaced by elegant veils, graceful hats and weightless lace that adorns the hairstyle.

Photo courtesy of KMH Photography  with Paulina Clute Events  on location at Legends Ranch 

So there you have it, straight from Makeup in the 702, out there working with brides every day and delivering the looks and styles you want and deserve. Won’t you join me next week when I share with you why gratuity is standard; how much is normal and what vendors should receive gratuity. Until then have a beautiful week! Megan

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