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March 28, 2017
by Meg
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5 Star Service 

It’s a term we hear almost every day.  Airlines say they’ve got it.  You hear about it at the spa. I even saw a mobile-auto-detail van saying they had it, but what we are talking about to day is the guarantee of 5 Star Service that Makeup In The 702 provides to every single one of our clients every single day.

“Megan and her crew did an amazing job for our wedding hair and makeup last spring! She was responsive and accommodating . She even squeezed in several extra people that were not planning on getting there make up done.”

Katie, from Topeka, KS married on July 26 2016

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We ask the right questions to get the right information.

It can be as simple as asking our clients “What look are you going for that day?” or “Do you  have any allergies?” Other times your beauty team may need to do a bit more digging to find out what direction you want go in for your wedding hair and makeup. “Do you normally wear your hair up and pulled back?” “What celebrity do you think you look most like?”

By having open and honest conversations with our clients, where there are no wrong answers, it helps us find the right look for every one who sits in our chair to feel their most confident and beautiful on such a special day.

We genuinely share in the joy and excitement of our clients special moments.

It is no secret that every one in the Makeup In The 702 family LOVES weddings and brides. In a glitzy and glamorous city like Las Vegas there are countless opportunities for hair stylists and makeup artists to practice their craft. But being there to share in the joy and love that is present before a wedding is absolutely awe inspiring and keeps us coming back for more.

We anticipate and accommodate.

Weddings are wonderful, but boy-oh-boy can they be hectic. Our team arrives promptly, sets up our product and tools and gets the creative show started. Each of our artists and stylists has a kit fully stocked with an array of products to make sure every skin tone and completion as well as hair texture and length can be taken care of. Our ultimate goal for your wedding day hair and makeup to be sure you look and feel like you on your most beautiful day.

Sometimes your grandmother needs help deciding on a hair style that makes her feel elegant AND fun. Maybe your niece who’s set to be your flower girl, is having a total melt down because you nixed the unicorn pigtails (trust us- it’s happened). These are the things that our team deals with every day and the things that we thrive on!! We are looking forward to being part of such special moments.

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 ” These were the most amazing ladies. They were highly recommended to me and gave me the best experience. These ladies came to my room on my special days and worked so well together that it didn’t even feel like I was getting my makeup and hair done at the same time. They did exactly what I asked them to do and didn’t miss a detail. Words can’t even express how beautiful I felt and how happy I was when they were done. If you are wanting to find the best ladies for your special day, these are the ladies you should pick. I couldn’t have been happier! “
Dawn from Santa Barbara, CA married on March 11 2017

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