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Tis the season for giving!!!

December 23, 2015
by Meg
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Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus, the holidays that fall during this chilly month can be warmed a bit with the spirit of sharing and generosity.   We asked the Makeup in the 702 team, what some of their go to holiday gifts this year and now we’re sharing with you.
Luxurious bath and home spa gifts are always a treat, but by far, one of our most favorite products of the entire year is the LUSH bath ball. They come in dozens of delicious smelling products that are made of the planet and health friendly ingredients including mint, lemons and limes, rosemary, avocados, coconut oils, eucalyptus etc.
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The fun and sassy packaging and case are almost enough to land this next pick on our list. Clinque skin care and lip products are hands down some of the best in the industry, and this year they have out done themselves with this collection of beautiful shades.
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This adorable advent calendar has 17 of Ciates most popular shades from the past year included in teeny tiny mini bottles included. There are also some really glamorous additions like sparkles, and holiday tinsel to customize your mani even more!! How fun would it be to pop in Miracle on 34th St. and have a winter mani/pedi party!!
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Whether it’s raining, snowing, foggy or just a bitting cold wind, a thick, squichy knit hat is perfect for any condition. There are so many styles and they can add to practically any hair do. Whether it’s a casual beanie over braids or an adorable French beret with bangs, there is a go to winner for any one on your list
Whatever you may be celebrating this season, we hope you have a change to spend time with the people you love, we want to wish you season full of beauty, joy and light!!!!

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