Joe and Laurens Love Story

December 23, 2015
by Meg
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Joe and Laurens story started more than 5 years ago with a chance encounter on the streets of San Francisco and is made up of equal parts metal and magic. Lauren and her best friend took a trip all the way from London to San Francisco to see their all-time favorite band- Faith No More. As chance would have it the girls were standing in line next to Joe and a friend of his, who had also made a long distance adventure out of the concert- traveling from Atlanta. Lauren and Joe hit it off while waiting in line for tickets, the two were inseparable during the show and the rest of the weekend- they even got to meet the band after the concert!!! Picture1
They stayed in touch after their journeys back home to London and Atlanta, and it was just a few weeks later before the duo had plans to meet up for another concert in Amsterdam. Over the past 5 years Laura and Joe have taken trips to visit one another and take trips together as often as possible, and in October of 2014 Joe decided it was time to put a ring on it!!!
Lauren, your love story is almost as beautiful as the love you and Joe share. It was an absolute honor to be part of this lovely day. We are so happy for the both of you and wish you a lifetime of rocking adventure.

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Photography- Popography

Hair/Makeup: Makeup in the 702

Chapel: Vegas Weddings

Cake: Gimme Some Sugar

Reception Dinner: The Peppermill


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