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Winter Time Skin & Hair Care Tips

December 16, 2015
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As the temperatures drop and we start to pull out the long sweaters and warm boots, it’s also a good time to take a look at our beauty routine to make sure we are getting the most of your efforts. You know my mantra! “Good skin and good color go hand in hand!”
Here are a few tips on keeping staying fabulous and bursting those winter blues.
12.11 Blog- drink water
Stay Hydrated-
Drinking plenty of water is a go-to piece of advice all year long for those of us living in this beautiful Las Vegas desert, but it is also so important for everyone else who has a bit more humidity. During the winter months the hot showers, cold winds and dry air can leave our hands and lips chapped and cracked. Of course popper moisturizing is necessary; by staying hydrated you are addressing the problem from the inside out.
12.11 Blog- pink & peach
Sweet Cheeks
This winter you will be seeing lots of pretty peach and coral tones on the cheeks. Obviously the color of your blush will depend on your natural completion, but go for more pink and peachy tons over gold’s or bronze. During the winter months it is totally normal for our com
Stick to SPF
This one might also sound like a summer skincare tip, but it is so important to continue the protection into the winter. The dark clouds and gloomy days can lead us to drop our guard a bit during the winter months, but sun burn and sun blistering can be quite common for those enjoying the outdoors in the low temps. Protect your hands and face from the suns harsh rays by applying a moisturizer with at least 20 SPF every single day.
12.11 Blog- top photo
pletions to be lighter or a bit paler, so don’t fight the winter and embrace the rosy cheeks.
Pamper your locks
Hot steamy showers, dry hot indoor air and static cling can wreak havoc on your mane, and can leave your hair dry, brittle and frizzy in the winter. Even shampooing with the wrong product can strip your hair of moisture. This season, go light on the washing try to skip a wash every now and then. Since big, waves and tousled tresses are making a big comeback this season, it’s a perfect opportunity to give your hair a break.
12.11 Blog- top knot
Chic Top Knot
Quick, Easy, and Glamorous! This effortless up do is a winter beauty staple. Because it only requires a pony holder and a few bobby pins, its casual enough to be worn with jeans and a chunky scarf. But it’s also perfect for statement earrings or a sparkly headband because it is so elegantly simple. Whether you jazz it up or dress it down, be sure to incorporate the top knot this season.

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