Meet the delightful Devan and Stephen- A Real Love Story

February 16, 2016
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From the first time we talked to Devan about her wedding, her infections smile and zest for life were so apparent….even over the phone.
We asked her to share a bit about the love of her life, Stephen and how special their day was and here’s what she had to say
Stephen and I met in February when he moved to Las Vegas. His first impression of me was, “This is one crazy lady!” (crazy in a good way, of course). I thought, “This guy is really cool! We’re going to become great friends.” Over the next few months we shared lots of laughs, hikes, tacos, church services, did I mention tacos? Ever so slightly, our friendship began to grow and on Sunday, May 31st, we got engaged!
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Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
This verse truly captures the love that Stephen and I have for God as well as each other. We believe that because of our delight in Christ, he has blessed us with one another. So, on Sund​ay, November 22nd, we made a shared commitment to delight in one another for the rest of our lives and we are very excited about that!
Devan and Stephan- it was an absolute joy to be part of your special day.
The entire Makeup In The 702 family would like to wish you both a life time of joy and abundance.
Venue: Angel Park Golf Club – Jessie Reid
D.J.: DJ Plus – Sam Davis​
Photography: Rapp Photography – Stephanie Boulton
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The Trick to Making Your Wedding-Day Lipstick Last Longer.

February 12, 2016
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The last thing you want to do is spend your entire wedding doing lipstick touch-ups. From the first kiss and multiple cheek kisses you’ll give guests to sipping on champagne and chowing down on the wedding cake, your lip color is bound to get smudged throughout your big night. To help ensure your pout looks as perfect as possible (for as long as possible), we rounded up a few beauty tricks guaranteed to give you a photo-worthy wedding-day smile.
Get your beauty sleep.
 Your lips require some pampering before they can handle a coat of color. Sleep with lip balm on your wedding eve, and re-apply in the morning. (like Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer!)
Don’t forget to prep.
Before you swipe, exfoliate your lips gently with a sugar scrub or a clean toothbrush. For extra staying power, coat your lips with a primer, which creates a smooth, fade-proof surface, or fill in with a hydrating lip pencil.
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Choose your formula wisely.                                                                                                                                                      In typical long-lasting lipsticks — think two-sided wands with liquid lip color on one end and a shiny topcoat on the other — silicones in the top coat suck moisture from your lips. Newer, all-in-one formulas fix all that by locking in moisture, leaving behind a more velvety finish with no topcoat needed. For long-lasting results, silicones are still king, but look for formulas with natural oils, aloe, and vitamin E for extra moisturizing power.

Brush, blot, repeat.
 Go extra-bold by applying color in layers: brush on (using a lip brush avoids feathering), blot with a tissue, and, once dry, add another coat. If you cant stand the drying feeling of lipstick, try a color-rich moisturizing crayon, like Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick. 
Go ahead, re-apply.
Many formulas (especially stains) will fade evenly into a lighter hue, but most lipsticks, particularly lighter pinks and nudes, will require at least one re-application. And no, that doesn’t mean swiping on an extra layer. Bring a makeup removing wipe, start with a clean slate, and recreate the look from scratch.


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Happy New Year Beautiful People!!

January 1, 2016
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The entire Makeup In The 702 family wishes you and all those you hold dear, a 2016 full of health, happiness, adventure and abundance.
The last 12 months have been a whirlwind ride for all of us and we are so excited for what the next year holds for us.
Be sure to follow Makeup In The 702 on social media to keep up with all of our new adventures in 2016.
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Joe and Laurens Love Story

December 23, 2015
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Joe and Laurens story started more than 5 years ago with a chance encounter on the streets of San Francisco and is made up of equal parts metal and magic. Lauren and her best friend took a trip all the way from London to San Francisco to see their all-time favorite band- Faith No More. As chance would have it the girls were standing in line next to Joe and a friend of his, who had also made a long distance adventure out of the concert- traveling from Atlanta. Lauren and Joe hit it off while waiting in line for tickets, the two were inseparable during the show and the rest of the weekend- they even got to meet the band after the concert!!! Picture1
They stayed in touch after their journeys back home to London and Atlanta, and it was just a few weeks later before the duo had plans to meet up for another concert in Amsterdam. Over the past 5 years Laura and Joe have taken trips to visit one another and take trips together as often as possible, and in October of 2014 Joe decided it was time to put a ring on it!!!
Lauren, your love story is almost as beautiful as the love you and Joe share. It was an absolute honor to be part of this lovely day. We are so happy for the both of you and wish you a lifetime of rocking adventure.

Vendor Details

Photography- Popography

Hair/Makeup: Makeup in the 702

Chapel: Vegas Weddings

Cake: Gimme Some Sugar

Reception Dinner: The Peppermill


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Tis the season for giving!!!

December 23, 2015
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Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus, the holidays that fall during this chilly month can be warmed a bit with the spirit of sharing and generosity.   We asked the Makeup in the 702 team, what some of their go to holiday gifts this year and now we’re sharing with you.
Luxurious bath and home spa gifts are always a treat, but by far, one of our most favorite products of the entire year is the LUSH bath ball. They come in dozens of delicious smelling products that are made of the planet and health friendly ingredients including mint, lemons and limes, rosemary, avocados, coconut oils, eucalyptus etc.
12.25 Blog 2
The fun and sassy packaging and case are almost enough to land this next pick on our list. Clinque skin care and lip products are hands down some of the best in the industry, and this year they have out done themselves with this collection of beautiful shades.
12.25 Blog 3
12.25 Blog 4
This adorable advent calendar has 17 of Ciates most popular shades from the past year included in teeny tiny mini bottles included. There are also some really glamorous additions like sparkles, and holiday tinsel to customize your mani even more!! How fun would it be to pop in Miracle on 34th St. and have a winter mani/pedi party!!
12.25 Blog 5
Whether it’s raining, snowing, foggy or just a bitting cold wind, a thick, squichy knit hat is perfect for any condition. There are so many styles and they can add to practically any hair do. Whether it’s a casual beanie over braids or an adorable French beret with bangs, there is a go to winner for any one on your list
Whatever you may be celebrating this season, we hope you have a change to spend time with the people you love, we want to wish you season full of beauty, joy and light!!!!

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Winter Time Skin & Hair Care Tips

December 16, 2015
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As the temperatures drop and we start to pull out the long sweaters and warm boots, it’s also a good time to take a look at our beauty routine to make sure we are getting the most of your efforts. You know my mantra! “Good skin and good color go hand in hand!”
Here are a few tips on keeping staying fabulous and bursting those winter blues.
12.11 Blog- drink water
Stay Hydrated-
Drinking plenty of water is a go-to piece of advice all year long for those of us living in this beautiful Las Vegas desert, but it is also so important for everyone else who has a bit more humidity. During the winter months the hot showers, cold winds and dry air can leave our hands and lips chapped and cracked. Of course popper moisturizing is necessary; by staying hydrated you are addressing the problem from the inside out.
12.11 Blog- pink & peach
Sweet Cheeks
This winter you will be seeing lots of pretty peach and coral tones on the cheeks. Obviously the color of your blush will depend on your natural completion, but go for more pink and peachy tons over gold’s or bronze. During the winter months it is totally normal for our com
Stick to SPF
This one might also sound like a summer skincare tip, but it is so important to continue the protection into the winter. The dark clouds and gloomy days can lead us to drop our guard a bit during the winter months, but sun burn and sun blistering can be quite common for those enjoying the outdoors in the low temps. Protect your hands and face from the suns harsh rays by applying a moisturizer with at least 20 SPF every single day.
12.11 Blog- top photo
pletions to be lighter or a bit paler, so don’t fight the winter and embrace the rosy cheeks.
Pamper your locks
Hot steamy showers, dry hot indoor air and static cling can wreak havoc on your mane, and can leave your hair dry, brittle and frizzy in the winter. Even shampooing with the wrong product can strip your hair of moisture. This season, go light on the washing try to skip a wash every now and then. Since big, waves and tousled tresses are making a big comeback this season, it’s a perfect opportunity to give your hair a break.
12.11 Blog- top knot
Chic Top Knot
Quick, Easy, and Glamorous! This effortless up do is a winter beauty staple. Because it only requires a pony holder and a few bobby pins, its casual enough to be worn with jeans and a chunky scarf. But it’s also perfect for statement earrings or a sparkly headband because it is so elegantly simple. Whether you jazz it up or dress it down, be sure to incorporate the top knot this season.

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Chelsea Nicole Engagement Shoot

December 4, 2015
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Danielle and Craig’s story began in the halls of the UNLV Architecture program when they were freshmen in 2004. They were in several classes together and team mates on various projects while they were students and from there a strong friendship grew. The pair stayed in touch via social media, but the magic really began in 2009, when Danielle came back to Las Vegas for a visit.
12.4 Blog 1
For their engagement photos, the incredibly talented photographer Chelsea Nicole took the duo and their adorable pit-bull terrier Shadow out to the lake bed and captured some really breathtaking shots.
12.4 Blog 2
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Because of their shared background in design and architecture they came up with a PERFECT theme for their wedding- “BUILT ON LOVE” with accents of Lego incorporated into the wedding- how clever!!! Craig and Danielle got married in a lovely fall ceremony last month at Legends Ranch, and we cannot wait to see how it all “stacks up”…….sorry, we just had to!!
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Vendor Details

Photography: Chelsea Nicole

Hair & Makeup: Makeup In The 702

Venue: Legends Ranch


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Meet Fashion Photographer Richard Julio

November 23, 2015
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Taking a little side step from weddings this week it is our pleasure to introduce you to fashion photographer Richard Julio.
Welcome Richard!  To get started can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience working with Makeup In The 702?
“I am a nationally published fashion and portrait photographer based in Las Vegas Nevada, specializing in both commercial fashion and professional headshots for models, actors and corporate professionals. As a fashion photographer, I need to be able to rely on my entire team to be prepared for anything. My friends at Makeup in the 702 are always prepared for anything and can pull off whatever I or my client needs. Working with other professionals also allows me to bounce ideas around to see what will work and what may not, having that experience to tap is key when on the job.”
Taylor Monochrome-034
What would you like potential client know about working with you?
“For any client I always recommend planning out your photo shoot. The best place to start is by asking these questions. What clothes are you going to wear? Will you need to buy anything, if so when and will you have it in time for the shoot? What types of shots do I want to photographer to definitely get?”
What are some of the misconceptions about your service?
“Lots of people nowadays think you can Photoshop anything. To some degree that is true, but the tradeoff is that fixing some things in post-production doesn’t look as good as getting it right in camera. How can a client be prepared, simple things like making sure clothes are ironed ahead of time and getting a good night’s rest before hand can really make a big difference so that you avoid looking tired with bags under your eyes. Professional hair and makeup styling is worth the investment as well. Having a professional makeup stylist that can blend, contour and cover up blemishes in invaluable in photography. In addition, a professionally done hair style will last longer and have more versatility throughout your shoot. When hair is properly dried, smoothed, or set; it has memory. That curl, volume, or sleekness will fall right back into place after clothing changes or action poses, or be able to easily be switched into a completely different look quickly. All these things are a great way to look your best and get the most out of your photos.”
What are the benefits of using your service?
“I work hard to produce high end images that look ready to be published in a magazine. That means you get stunning images and tailored customer service to fit your needs.”
Where do you find your inspiration?
“I find inspiration in many different genres of art such as movies, music, theater, painting, other types of photography etc. Most of my focus however is on the fashion industry, following what trends are popular or up and coming is important as a fashion photographer.”
Taylor Monochrome-396 Pereira-Vogue-01logo Annie CC Museum-046 20131228 Katie-526 2015-01-20 Samantha Fitness-147-2
Thank you so much for spending some time with us today and sharing your insights with us.
We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into Richard’s world please take a moment to visit him online and discover the world of fashion photography through his lens.

Vendor Details

Richard Julio

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A little “pop” of color

November 20, 2015
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As the seasons are changing and the temperatures are dropping, the warm sweaters come out and the coffee becomes pumpkin-ized, beautiful pops of color can be found all around Las Vegas too!!! We are talking about the fun pops of pink, red, yellow and orange accents that our beautiful fall bride Lindsey chose to doll her bridesmaids up with.
11.20 Blog 2
11.20 Blog 7
We met up with Lindsey and her delightful bridesmaids at the Bellagio on the morning of her wedding to start the day off with pampering and primping. These lovely ladies were such a good time!!! There were silly jokes and stories being told, thoughtful champagne toasts being made, and once Lindsey gave her best girlies their thank you gift and a touching heartfelt note- plenty of happy tears.
11.20 Blog 6
11.20 Blog 1
Once Lindsey and the ladies in her bridal party and family were dolled up and ready to roll, they headed to Canyon Gate Country Club for the excitement to begin. It was at Lindsey and Cody’s wedding ceremony- performed by Angie of Peachy Keen Unions- that we saw one of the most personal and touching wedding traditions to date- a ring warming ceremony. If you’ve never heard of it, you are not alone, but the concept is simple enough- at the beginning of your service, the officiant lets those in attendants know that the wedding rings will be making their way through the guests, with an invitation for each of them to hold the ring, say a silent prayer or set an intention for your new marriage and then pass it on to the next guest. Eventually making it to the couple at the front for the exchanging of the vows.
11.20 Blog 4
11.20 Blog 5
11.20 Blog 3
It was an absolute pleasure to work with this beautiful bride and her fantastic bridesmaids. We wish Lindsey and Cody all the love, happiness and excitement in the world.

Vendor Details

Photographer- The Emerics

Cake Artist – Las Vegas Custom Cakes

Wedding Venue- Canyon Gate Country Club

Officiant- Peachy Keen Union

Florals- Naakiti Floral

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Surprise! We’re Getting Married In Las Vegas!

November 14, 2015
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Good day mates!  Yep, you guessed it we have a story today that takes us from “the lucky country” Australia to the city that was built on luck and good fortune, Las Vegas of course!  Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Stace and Dill who packed thier bags to elope here in the wedding capital of the world!  Now, when you are coming all the way from Australia to get hitched in Las Vegas, you know it’s going to be in fine style!  Stace and Dill were elopers who somehow convinced their near and dear ones to join them on a (long) trip to Vegas … and on the plane there, told them it was because they were getting married!
Both the bride and groom got ready at Cosmopolitan and chose to do their first look right on the Strip in front of the hotel.
What an amazing idea this elopement was from surprise ceremony at the Neon Museum to the Strip photo tour to end the night.


Photography: Popography

Makeup: Makeup In The 702 

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