You GLOW Girl!!

February 21, 2017
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“You’re Absolutley Glowing!!”

Hair & Makeup by: Makeup In The 702 Photo by: M Place Production


It’s a statement that we hear almost every single day while working with our beautiful Las Vegas bridal clients to help them prep and primp for their big day.

     While the excitement of such a special day and compete joy of getting to marry your love most certainly add to that “wedding day glow” there are a few products on the market that we know for a fact will help achieve that look not only at the wedding but every day.
    Getting that fresh, healthy, natural “glow” is something that is being discussed all over social media and beauty blogs and websites like Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair– so of course we wanted to weigh in on how it can be applied to your wedding day makeup look
In addition to giving the wearer an irresistible “Just-Got-Home-From-The-Tropics” glow, this lushious elixir offers a few other great benefits- the coconut oil and ylang-ylang give the skin a super dose of hydration and nurishment and the Polynesian vinilla and tire blossom provide a sent that is guaranteed to transport you right back to the beach
When it comes to acquiring that oh-so-coveted glow thats being shown in magazines and on runways are often pointed towards shimmering cosmetics and products that have a bit of sparkle in them. This recommendation is for a product line that works on your “glow” beneath the shimmer and sparkle. VITAL C is absolutely packed with antioxidants and natural botanic ingredients that will repair, sooth and nourish your skin, giving you the best possible canvas to shine on your wedding day!!
This powder is one of our hands down favorites when it comes to creating a natural healthy look. The ultra fine mother-of-pearl particles is versatile enough to provide a touch of glowing glamor and lovely glow to fair skinned beauties and dark skinned lovelies alike.
MAC Cheeks
The description on the MAC site is “Soft coral with golden shimmer”- how fantastic is that?! The coral pigment is perfect for adding a fresh rosy glow to the cheeks and just like MAC products in general, you can be confident that it is made with high quality ingredients and will last through out the day.
To get more information on how Makeup In The 702 can help you look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day check us out here.
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Everything You Wanted to Know About Airbrushing

February 14, 2017
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Blog- Air brush 4

Airbrush makeup.

In the past decade the phrase “Airbrush”has been misused as many times as “All Natural” at the grocery store. I’ve seen everything from infomercials with celebrities to aerosol cans filled with “airbrush” foundation.  I can only speak about the tools, training and products we use at Makeup in the 702 but with more than 15 years experience in the industry-here is what you need to know.

Airbrushing refers to not only to the application of foundation, but the physical
formulation of the foundation as well. To help get a better understanding of what your getting or in some instances paying for, ask your artist what type of compressor they use and if they use actual airbrush foundation.

Blog- Air brush 5
The ONLY airbrush compressor that gives the PSI an artist needs to achieve an even and non-streak coverage is Iwata. Dinar and infomercial devises don’t have the airflow needed for smooth, even coverage. They’re also not made for commercial use so are likely to break and stop working when the motor gets hot from extended daily use. Certainly not what you want on your wedding day!! Foundations also need to be made specifically for an airbrush compressor. All to often I see inexperienced makeup artists use a traditional foundation and “base it down” with water or some other fluid in an attempt to make it thin enough to pump through the compressor. First, when liquid is added to foundation it’s chemical composition is changed. This causes the inexperienced artist to use several “layers” to get the end result look needed for photos. Hence what should be weightless has now become the feeling of a pancake on a clients skin. Even coverage is gone and any texture on the skin becomes exaggerated and glaring.

For an artist the tools and training to perform quality airbrushing services for a client are an on going cost. In fact, very expensive cost. However, at Makeup in the 702 we will stop at nothing to provide quality, long lasting end result looks. For the client the end result of airbrushed skin is priceless.

Benefits of Airbrush:

  • Custom blend your color on the spot
  • Coverage for face, neck, check, arms and back (1/2 body)
  • 15 hour coverage
  • Non transferable
  • Withstands the heat of the Las Vegas desert
Blog-Air brush 2

Custom wedding airbrush makeup

What airbrush can’t do is change the texture of your skin. No makeup can do that and an artist should not make such promises. Take a look at the wall next to you, do you see the texture? I can paint that wall blue, black, purple or green and the texture will still come through. If I want to change the texture of the wall I need to sand it or change it prior to painting.   Consumers and artists alike have been sold by the cosmetic industry that a primer will change the texture of the skin. That is in fact not true. The only way to change the texture of the skin is with skincare and injectables, and even at that, the change in texture is only temporary. Some primers can help traditional foundations hold longer but in my opinion they really are just another layer and should not be used in conjunction with airbrush.

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A Real Love Story- Cassidy and Cody

February 10, 2017
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2.11 Blog 1

Cody and Cassidy met through a mutual friend in high school in Westfield, MA. At the time, Cody was a sophomore, and Cassidy was a new freshman. They hung out with the same friends, and had gym class together, but had never formally met. A mutual friend offered to introduce the two one morning, and they started talking almost immediately. A few months later on January 31, 2009, the two agreed to make it official at a friend’s birthday party and they have been together ever since.

Since getting together eight years ago, Cody and Cassidy have grown together. They attended prom twice and were present for each others’ high school and college graduations.

They moved across the country together to start their adult lives in Las Vegas, NV in 2011, and eventually set their own roots in their first apartment in Henderson, NV in 2014. The two began raising a chihuahua puppy named Kahlua together in 2012, who is now 5 years old. They have grown up and found their paths in life together, Cody pursuing a career in Entertainment Engineering, and Cassidy pursuing one in Social Work. To them, this is just the beginning, however.

How he asked- 

1.22 blog 2
On Monday, September 15, 2014, Cody asked Cassidy to go on a date with him after class. They went out to find a nice dress for her 21st birthday, and had dinner at Naked Grill Sushi. Cody turned into Red Rock National Park on what was supposed to be the drive home, and explained that he wanted to take the scenic route home.
He brought Cassidy up to the lookout point where he instructed for her to look through the binoculars at the Las Vegas strip, which was lighting up between the mountains as the sun set. Cassidy heard a snapping noise, and turned around to see what it was, and found Cody on one knee, saying, “Cass, marry me.” She said yes, and the two talked and spent some time watching the sun set before returning home.

Cody and Cassidy got married on their 8 year dating anniversary, on Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Though they have been together for so long, they know that this is only the beginning. They look forward to starting this new chapter together, and celebrating it with their friends and family.

Sending Cassidy and Cody all the love in the world!!!!!

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A Real Love Story- Catherine and Ryan

February 3, 2017
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2-3-love-story-2The absolutely  charming Miss Catherine and her hunny Ryan came from Canada to celebrate there love in a classic Las Vegas wedding this past fall. When chatting with her about her wedding day hair and makeup, you could just hear the love and excitement bubbling out of her over the phone. So we asked her to share a bit of her sweet story.

Ryan and Catherine paths had crossed a few times in the past, but neither were looking for love or partnership at the time. It was when they both took a chance that they realized they were perfect for each other.
“Ryan’s aunt and my mom are best friends. 3 years ago they decided they wanted to set us up. We had met briefly at Ryan’s uncles 50th birthday party years prior, but I was still skeptical about going on a “blind date”. Our first date was awkward, we went to Tim Hortons for coffee, and we were both shy. About 30 minutes in Ryan said that he was ready to go. In my head I was like “this is a bad sign” but then he told me he wanted to see me again that weekend. That weekend we fell for each other, and I never believed in finding your “soul mate” but he is my soul mate. Over the past 3 years we moved in together and got 2 dogs. We are the type that can finish each other sentences. In June, Ryan and I and my best friend and her boyfriend went for a walk in Johnston Canyon. After seeing the lower and upper falls, on the walk back down Ryan proposed. It was so exciting to travel to Las Vegas to get married with our family and friends.”
And because what love story isn’t made better by adding an adorable picture of some dapper fur babies!!! These are the doggie gents that help make Catherine and Ryans love a family affair.
Keep an eye on up coming blogs to see some of the lovely pictures from Catherine and Ryans special day and other recent weddings and photo shoots.
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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful……..INCLUSIVE……CoverGirl

January 27, 2017
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Last year we were lucky enough to work with international cosmetic and beauty power house COVERGIRL for their national conference and product launch event. It was one of the highlights of our year and it got me looking a bit deeper into the company and their history.




Any one who knows me, can totally attest- I jump at the opportunity to dive into an online research project!!


Look at this “lovely”, vintage 9 hour “eye polish” ad!?





Below is a collection of some of the fun vintage adds as well as some of the exciting new brand ambassadors the company has welcomed.



Something that really stood out to me while I was reading up on COVERGIRL was its long standing practice of diversity and inclusion.  For decades they have celebrated beauty in all its shapes, shades and colors.

1-27-covergirl-3 1-27-covergirl-1


The brand broke ground and shook the foundation (hehe makeup pun totally intended) of the cosmetic industry in late 2016 by announcing that makeup artist James Charles would be the companies first male spokes model.






Another big win for inclusion in the industry was when the company also brought on Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia to the team.


Another celebration and example that extraordinary beauty is found all across the globe.






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Tattoo’s on Her Arm and Love in Her Heart- Tattooed Brides

January 20, 2017
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Sometimes when i should be working on the mountains of paper work that surround my desk, or I get on the internet to check an address of an appointment…….it happens!!! I get completely sucked into the never ending labyrinth that is the internet.




Most recently, I’ve stumbled across some INCREDIBLY beautiful images of brides dawning equally as beautiful art on their bodies.



Take a look at some of the ones that really caught our eye.


From the bold makeup to the cheery orange hair this couple has us swooning over their beautiful joyful celebration.





Again with a beautiful bold red lip!!! I am such a sucker for a bride brave enough to wear a colorful dress!!! This stunners ink grabbed my attention but this stunning pink gown is princess perfect.



This incredible moment right after their love is made official is almost enough to make you cry.

With this delicate up-do hairstyle with woven ivy, this bride is really pulling at our hearts!











Far more breath taking than this sun set shot is the over flowing joy and love flowing from these two. You can see the adventurous and exciting spirit they share.

More pictures of beautifully inked brides and their fun and funky styles can be found here or one of our new favorite blogs- Rock N Roll Bride.


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A Real Love Story- Ashley and Johnny

January 13, 2017
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When we first chatted with Ashley over the phone last summer, she was just bubbling with love and excitement to celebrate her anniversary with her sweet Johnny. When she told us that they were married when they were just teenagers,  and that their love and devotion to one another has grown over the years we just had to share her sweet story.

My husband and I are traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate our 12 year anniversary and his birthday. Up until our actual anniversary on September 29th, he had no idea where we were even going on the trip. All he knew was he needed to take some time off work. He still didn’t know that once we land in Las Vegas later in the week that we took a helicopter to the Grand Canyon to go white water rafting and that I rented his dream car, a Ferrari Spider, for him to drive while we were in town. Every detail of this trip was a complete surprise for him, including the anniversary photo shoot we’re doing in the Valley of Fire where I have Makeup In The 702 for my hair and makeup services.
love-story-1-13-5I’ve known Johnny since we were kids. He lived in Northern Alabama and I grew up just outside of Memphis, TN, but because of our churches, our families were long time friends. He was actually my long distance “boyfriend” when we were in elementary school and was the first boy to ever give me flowers. Eventually our childhood “romance” fizzled out, but we always sort of kept up with one another. Sometime after I turned 16 my family decided to move to Alabama. Johnny and I reconnected at church one night, exchanged AOL Chat screen names and we’ve been together ever since. He was my saving grace at a time in my life when everything was different from what I had known and helped make my transition to life in Alabama more bearable. He quickly became my best friend and my favorite person. We had been dating for 7 months when he proposed. We were very young (people who know us really well are laughing at that understatement!) when we got engaged and were still young when we married two years later. We got married on September 25, 2004, at just 18 and 19 years old. 😉
love-story-1-13-3We were a very young married couple doing our best to build a life together. We both worked full time jobs while we put ourselves through college. We juggled work responsibilities, studying for college and a new marriage. In the midst of all of that, I decided to pursue a dream of mine and began a small business as a wedding and special event caterer. I say all the time that deciding to get married young is definitely not for everyone or the faint of heart, but I can’t imagine our life any other way. We have literally grown up together and have had each other’s back through it all.
I am rarely at a loss for words, but every time I attempt to express my love and respect for Johnny, the words always seems to allude me. He is one of the hardest working individuals I’ve ever known and has the biggest heart for helping others. I love being his wife and I love the way he loves me!
 These photos are from our 10 year anniversary shoot with Erin Lindsey Images in Huntsville, AL (where I wore my wedding dress for the first time in 10 years!).



Keep an eye on up coming blogs to see some of the lovely pictures from Ashley and Johnny special day and other recent weddings and photo shoots.


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Wedding Trends to Watch for 2017

January 6, 2017
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As we kick of the excitement of the New Year, we wanted to put together a few of the beautiful trends we are sure will be all over weddings this year.

This list can be seen in its original form at Bridal Guide.
Homespun barn weddings, filled with branches, lanterns, and nature-inspired décor, are more popular than ever.

Expect to see distressed wood, mismatched seating and silverware as well as lace and twill all over the place this year.










The vintage wedding trend is still going strong! It’s no surprise — there’s just something that feels so romantic about adding old-world items and antiques to your big day. Many couples opt to include family heirlooms within their décor, giving a personal touch to their vintage wedding.








High Drama

David Tutera is known for his incredibly impressive décor and luxe designs on his hit series, My Fair Wedding. So much that is in this year will be equally-stunning ideas and sure to drop some jaws.

1-6-trends-5Pure Romance
Another popular theme we saw time and time again s was simple, pure romance. From candlelit ceremonies to receptions lit by crystal chandeliers, this beautiful trend will melt your heart.

Deep reds and colds will be sure to kick up the classic love factor in every thing from invitations to favors.










We have just been blown away by all the touchingly unique  and romantically creative ideas out there, whether celebrations inspired by the movie Up to a festive carnival with live acts and performers its hard to pick a favorite.
Bright colored balloons, ice cream bars, floating lanterns, dancing candles, and giant flowers….the creativity will NOT be lacking in 2017!!!!


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A Toast to 2016

December 30, 2016
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To put it mildly, this year has been absolute dynamite for the Makeup In The 702 family. Just sitting down to make the list of our accomplishments in 2016, and it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the amount of growth and evolution that has happened in the last 365 days.

12-30-nye-6 In the first quarter the makeup artist and hair stylist received their 1000 review on Wedding Wire. This award and recognition is HUGE for our team. It is a direct testament, in the words of our clients, that every day Makeup In The 702 and our team strive to provide 5 star service.

12-30-nye-5    12-30-nye-3

12-30-nye-1We were so delighted to represent some seriously big league, international cosmetic and beauty brands at their conventions here in Las Vegas. The incredible guidance and education on beauty, skin care and over all health that we were able to take part in has already made a significant impact in the ways we serve our clients.






Even typing that I got goose bumps, so I’m going to do it again WE OPENED UP A STUDIO!!!! After more than 10 years in the business, providing our services 100% on location, we finally have a place to call home (and what the hubby is most excited about- a place to store all of our gear)!!

Stay tuned for more exciting news on the Makeup In The 702 Studio and announcements on upcoming events in the space.


In September Kylie and Megan attended Wedding MBA, a premiere wedding and event convention. Those ladies took home s0 much incredible information on how to sky rocket our success even more and provide our customers and clients a truly superior experience.


From new trainings, incredible partnerships and collaborations, photo shoots, rebranding, awards and recognitions, like i said, its hard for us to really grasp all the wonderful things that have come to be this year!!!
Thank you all for being part of the magic!! I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for ALL of us!!
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Let Them Eat Cake- A Round-Up of Some Seriously Sweet Cakes

December 23, 2016
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While beauty and makeup with always and forever remain my favorite parts of a wedding, cake (and really any thing yummy for that matter) comes in a VERY close second place. Here’s a round up of some of the loveliest and most scrumptious looking cakes we’ve come across lately.

 We can’t get over how whimsical and stunning this simple cake is with the help of colorful pompoms.
Can we all agree this is one phenomenal cake? All the marvelous layers of different shades of pink are having us do double takes.
A soft texture on the base layer of this cake and the multitoned flowers are the perfect amount of detail to make this a beautiful dessert without going over the top.
This beauty is practically blooming with pink petals and flecks of gold detail that are both timeless and tasteful.
This beauty is practically blooming with pink petals and flecks of gold detail that are both timeless and tasteful.
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