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Las Vegas Wedding Photographers Share 4 Makeup To Do’s for Your Wedding Photos

February 14, 2018
Happy Day To You All! So delighted to have you hear reading insider tips and information from some of the most respected creatives in Las Vegas. As a makeup artist I continually educate myself and critique each service I give. What can I do better, how can I listen and deliver even more? It’s true, […]
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Why are makeup artists so expensive?

February 6, 2018
Well hello, Megan here, your Ambassador of Service and Creative Director at Makeup in the 702. Today I’m chatting about a subject that brides, wedding parties and other makeup artists want to read- Why are makeup artists so expensive? Ever go on a trip to Sephora or the Mac counter and spend $300 in a […]

Pro Tips From Makeup In The 702

3 reasons to choose a professional hair stylist and makeup artist for your wedding day.

January 18, 2018
Planning a wedding can be a very costly affair, and you might be asking yourself where you can cut costs on professional services and where you shouldn’t cut costs.  Today we’re sharing 3 reasons why not to cut your hair and makeup budget. #1  The most valuable result of having both your hair and makeup […]
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Why choose Makeup In The 702?

January 11, 2018
This is what sets us apart We ask the right questions to get the right information, it’s all about YOU! It can be as simple as asking our clients “What look are you going for that day?” or “Do you have any allergies?” Other times your beauty team may need to do a bit more […]

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Photographers We Love- Jamie Y Photography

September 19, 2017
    This week as part of our Photographers We Love feature on the blog we want to shine a spotlight on Jamie, the owner of Jamie Y Photography.  She is a superbly talented photographer as well as a savvy business owner and supportive friend.  It has been such a treat to see her grow as a creator and […]

Photographers We Love- Taylored Photo Memories Copy

August 23, 2017
Capturing the Moments with Taylored Photo Memories & Cactus Collective Every day we are so lucky to work with some incredibly talented photographers around the Las Vegas Valley. It absolutely makes our day when we open up our inbox to see some of the beautiful images they capture for our clients.   McKenzi and her team at Taylored Photo […]

Hair & Skin Care

Hair Washing Do's & Don'ts for Your Wedding Day | Makeup In The 702

Hair Washing Do’s & Don’ts for Your Wedding Day

February 1, 2018
Q: Should I wash my hair the day of the wedding? Hi there! Meg here your hair and makeup expert coming at you with another great tip for your wedding day. Today I’ll answer a frequently asked question- “Should I wash my hair the day of the wedding”. First, if I were getting married today […]
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Everything You Wanted to Know About Airbrushing

January 23, 2018
Should you choose airbrush on your wedding day?  We are passionate about achieving the end result look you want and we will stop at nothing to ensure that you look like you, on your most beautiful day.  The decision to choose traditional over airbrush should not be based on price, but determined after your artist evaluates your skin type and condition and you […]

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Great experience! The ladies from your team were accommodating and helped me feel so confident on my day. Working with you was the perfect kickoff to a great day. 

These ladies are amazing! So easy to communicate with throughout the whole processes. They arrived on time and worked quickly. Their work was amazing and exactly what I wanted. Thanks! 

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